How to Become a Patient

The Dental School has three separate clinical programs that offer the full scope of oral healthcare services.

Predoctoral Clinic: In this clinical program, patients are treated by dental students under the direct supervision of the faculty. Patients are admitted based upon their treatment needs and their availability. Fees in this program are the lowest of all the School’s programs (approximately 60% lower than private practice) but the time commitment is the greatest. Patients should be available for at least 2 appointments per month. If you are interested in becoming a patient in the predoctoral program, you must be evaluated through a screening process to determine if your needs support student training needs. For a predoctoral program evaluation appointment call 210-567-3217 or go online to

Advanced Education Clinics: In these programs, patients are treated by dentists who are receiving advanced general dentistry or specialty training. All care is provided under the direct supervision of the faculty. Comprehensive dental care is provided in the Advanced General Dentistry clinic and specialty services are provided in all areas of dentistry. The fees in the advanced education clinics are approximately 30% lower than in private practice.

Did You Know?   

All clinics are a fee for service clinics. All teaching clinic fees are considerably less than private practice.

You may want to participate in one of our dental studies.

There are specialty clinics to suit even the most complex treatment needs.

num 4 Urgent Care for Dental Pain

Advanced General Dentistry Clinic: 210-567-3270
Endodontic Clinic (root canals) 210-567-3321
Geriatric Dentistry Clinic 210-567-0327
Oral Medicine 210-567-3313
Oral Surgery (including implants and facial cosmetic surgery) 210-567-3477
Orthodontics (braces) 210-567-0072
Pediatric dentistry (children’s’ dentistry) 210-567-6931
Periodontics (gum problems and implants) 210-567-3318
Prosthodontics Clinic (fixed and removable tooth replacement) 210-567-3323

Faculty Practice Clinic: In these clinics, faculty including general dentists and specialists provide direct patient care in a private practice setting. Fees are comparable to those in other private practices. If you wish to become the patient of a member of our faculty the numbers for you to call are listed below.

General Dentistry 210-567-3255
Geriatric Dentistry (senior care) 210-567-0327
Endodontists 210-567-3255
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons 210-567-3477
Orthodontists 210-567-0072
Pediatric Dentists 210-567-3255
Periodontists 210-567-3255
Prosthodontists 210-567-6440
Radiology and cone beam CT 210-567-6656